09/16/06 cro-mags! skinhead! break out!

what a night. i was disappointed cold world didn't make it, but i think in the end the show was better without them (no hate).

john joseph's spoken word the night before at ryerson was without a doubt one of the most compelling nights of storytelling i've ever been to. sobering. made the next day's show that much better.

08/15/06 back to back the starkest contrast of toronto hardcore in a while. gorilla biscuits plays to a packed house and then iron age the next night to just a handful. you guys suck.

07/23/06 great show, it's been a minute since i photographed in toronto.

showed up late, but i well enjoyed the bands i did see. unfortunately cold world dropped off, and because of that, so did half the expected attendance. their loss.

05/29/06 managed to miss every band i intended to see tonight (kyi, mind eraser, fucked up) and instead was pleasantly surprised to enjoy forward and tragedy way more than i thought i would. tragedy sounds like the end of the world. if you have the chance go see them on tour.

engrish quote of the night: "i can't speak english... so fuck you!"

05/28/06 there's been a dry spell of shows, so no updates. but now that i'm in new york (aka the centre of the world) for a few weeks, not only do i get to see every band that is currently on tour, but some of the time, it'll be at cbgb.

oh, and i got nominated for some newspaper award for some photos of fucked up that i took for the u of t paper, the varsity. the awards were actually on saturday but the results aren't up yet. thanks jen, good lookin out!

04/07/06 yo it's been a while. some updates:
- maclean's magazine is using some of my photos from the house shows we've had this year
- i don't have photoshop anymore, which makes putting up photos infinitely more annoying
- going to ny this summer to take photography classes

01/27/06 juggernaut 2006 was sweet.

after party sweeter. sweatier. good photos, i'll say it.